Happy Home & Transport Services

House Cleaning / Part-time Maid

After a long day at work, the last thing you would want to do is household chores. Relieve your burden by handing over such duties to our reliable and professional team instead. Have your home cleaned and tidied while you are away and return to enjoy that cozy and comfortable nest of yours.


Weekly Duties

✔ Clear trash
✔ Clean bedrooms
✔ Clean bathrooms
✔ Ironing of clothes
✔ Sweep and mop floors
✔ Clean kitchen and kitchen appliances

Periodic Duties

✔ Wipe fans and lights
✔ Clean window glass and panes
✔ Tidy and dust the interior of cabinets & drawers

From $16.00/hr (Min. 4 hours per session)
Agency fee: $188* onward
* Terms & Conditions apply