Happy Home & Transport Services

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are your domestic helpers?
The majority of them are Singaporean/PR women in their 40s to 50s who have rich experiences in the area of house keeping.
What is the difference between local and foreign helpers?
Our helpers work on a weekly/bi-weekly schedule(part-time domestic services). They do not live in your house, giving your family maximum privacy, flexibility and a comfortable clean, happy home at the same time.
Do I have to pay an agency fee?
Yes, for regular cleaning services, a one-time agency fee is charged to cover our administrative, transport and screening costs. In addition, a guarantee period of up to three months of free replacements is provided. Terms and conditions apply.
How can I be assured of the helpers’ experiences?
All helpers go through a highly selective process to ensure that they have the right attitude and relevant experience.
Will the same helper be working for me each time? What if she resigns or I am not satisfied with her work?
Yes, the same helper will be assigned to you. We encourage both parties to give each other some time to adjust. However, should the helper resign or if you are unsatisfied with her work, there will be a replacement helper.
Who will be the one responsible should the helper injure herself during her course of work?
Our helpers have been briefed about safety issues and will take the necessary precautions and safety measures.
Does someone have to be present at home when the helper comes over?
In the beginning, we do advise our clients to be present to supervise and orientate the helpers. Subsequently, it is up to our clients’ decision whether or not to leave their keys with the helper.
What happens if theft occurs?
Home owners are strongly advised to keep all valuable items away to prevent any misunderstandings. However, should a theft or any other criminal offence occurs, the police may be roped in to help.
Is there a minimum working period?
A minimum of 4 hours a week is required for standard-sized homes. For larger-sized homes, we recommend a longer duration (5-6 hours) or higher frequency (2 times a week). The minimum contract period is one month. Clients are encouraged to inform us at least 2 weeks in advance should they decide to terminate the service.